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Monday, September 11, 2006

Today, I promise.....

Today, I remember Rosa J. Gonzalaz who died on the 66th floor of the World Trade Center. Rosa was 32 years old and from Jersey City, NJ. She was a secretary for Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Rosa was a single mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, and friend. Her last words to her sister were, "I love you and promise me that you will take care of my daughter."

Here are just a few of the MANY comments I found about Rosa:

hi my names jen rosa was my mother she was a very good person i love u and miss u so much we will never forgat u ever
jennifer hernandez (jersey city, NJ)

Five years ago today you began your day as always.
Five years ago today you went to work to support you & your daughter.
Five years ago today you lost your life.
And today 9/11/2006 you and everyone else who died at the WTC are my heros!
Your death was not in vain, you have helped unite this nation. You have brought tears to many eyes,you made strangers come together in love, love for you and all of the other heros of 9/11/2001. You have brought people together who would not normally even look at each other in passing. You have helped in the uniting of a nation. In death you have done more then anyone in life. May you rest in eternal peace!
God Bless you Rosa Julia Gonzalez

I met Rosa a couple of years ago when she was working at the Housing Authority. She was always so happy and up-beat, kind and caring. My heart goes out to her daughter, I hope she'll always know what a great mother she had. I'm sorry Rosa that your life was cut so short. God Bless You and your family. May you rest in peace.
P. Martinez (Jersey City, NJ )

Rosa is my sister in law, my wife's sister. My wife and Rosa's daughter, Jennifer, still to this day cannot accept that Rosa has been taken from us. Jennifer now lives with me and my wife. I have read so many tributes to the wonderful people that we have lost at the WTC and I just want to say that Rosa was also a beautiful and caring person that certainly did not deserve to die in this way. I fear that we have all lost some of the greatest, warm, and loving people in the WTC and I mourn with all the families of all the other victims. I know the families of the victims will never forget about this brutality but I pray that the rest of the world will not either. Rosa was a single mother that really making an effort to better herself and give her daughter the best upbringing possible. Her job with the Port Authority was another step towards success. My wife and I were so proud of the her accomplishments. It is devastating to see her life cut so short. Our mission now is to care for her daughter and to do the best we can to make her a success to in spite of this tragedy in her life. Rosa, we will never forget you and we will always miss you everyday for the rest of our lives.
jeffrey coleman (Jersey City, NJ )

I do not claim to know Rosa, but while digging for pieces of information about her.....I found that she is someone I would liked to have known.
Your friends and family will never forget you.
And today, five years later, I make you this promise.......
I will never forget you.


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