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Single Mommy Life

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Getting Excited...

So, I am sooo very excited. This Friday, I am taking Hunter to ride Thomas The Train at the North Carolina Transportation Museum. He will just LOVE it and I will just LOVE the joy I get by watching the excitement in him. He is ALL boy....ya know, fascinated with anything that moves.....Planes, trains, trucks, tractors, cars. So he is, or course, telling everyone that he is going to ride a "choo choo train." I will post lots of pictures and have a great story to go along with them as well!

I found this today and smiled, because it is sooo very true!
Why God Made Little Boys
God made a world out of His dreams,
of wondrous mountains, oceans, and streams,
prairies, and plains, and wooded land,
then paused and thought, I need someone to stand
on top of the mountains, to conquer the seas,
explore the plains, and climb the trees.
Someone to start out small and grow,
sturdy, strong, like a tree and so...
He created boys, full of spirit and fun,
to explore and conquer, to romp and run.
With dirty faces, banged up chins,
with courageous hearts and boyish grins.
When He had completed the task He'd begun,
He surely said, "That's a job well done!"


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